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Content creation is key in today's world. When you unlock the power of video in your marketing, it can unleash worlds of growth and kick-off your brand!

"Everything changed after working with Ryan; my audio, video, lighting, and presentations are so much better!"

- Derek

"Before Studio Upgrade, I had no idea where to start. I was confused and nervous I would waste my money... but I didn't!"

- Tim

"I'm much more dialed into quality and my video instantly looked better. Agents now come to me wanting to do videos in my office!

- Lisa

Let's Face It...
Learning how to create videos SUCKS

Requires a Crew

Hiring a team of people means you get a great video, sure, but then you have to schedule it out and deal with drafts, versions, edits, and more from your director, producer, editor, and team; delaying the process.

Expensive as HECK

Gear changes quickly and can be pricey! It's difficult to spend thousands of dollars on lenses, cameras, lights, microphones, and other gear when you don't even know what the gear does. Not everyone is a gear-head.

Takes Friggin' Forever

There is so much to learn; from pre-production to production and post-production... It takes years to learn all the skills required to make an awesome video, but content demands to be made RIGHT NOW.


The 14 Day Video Startup

The online video course that empowers you to make video a lifeline for your business.

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Videos made by clients!

Hours saved!

Your Coach:
Ryan Grams

Ryan Grams is a video production wizard with over 20 years of experience producing top-notch content for some of the biggest brands in the world.

From Google and UPS to Ferrari and Princess Cruises, Ryan has produced work for some of the world's most prestigious names.

But when the pandemic hit and everything came to a halt, Ryan saw an opportunity to pivot.

He shifted his focus to helping executives, presenters, and leaders step up their virtual game, building powerful systems for them to showcase their skills in online meetings, live streams, and content creation.

With his years of expertise (and a whole lotta fun) he's ready to share his secrets with you!

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"This exceeded expectations of what I thought this experience would be like. It was easy, it was fun, we were laughing, we were talking. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to know that this kind of quality can happen inside my house. It is like having a studio in your home!"

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